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Sami describes himself as "skinny" when he won the Mr. Asia title in 1998.

Over the past few years Sami has packed on a lot of muscle. In January of 2000 he weighed 78 kg (170lbs.). This July he was a very hard 98kg (215 lbs.), which you can see in his photo section. For competition this fall, he competed at 85 kg (187 lbs.)

He credits this impressive growth, an amazing 45 pounds over 36 months, to a high protein diet (250 - 300g/day), discovering MUSCLETECH Nutrition, follwing the kind advice from IFBB pros Milos Sarcev and Dennis James, and training like there is no tommorrow. Sami says he's not through growing, at at just 29 years old, there is no telling how massive he'll get as he progresses toward into his pro career.

Sami is now in his pre-contest program, and he expects to be a ripped 195 lbs with 19" arms, 27" thighs, and a 48" chest at the Asia Games.